Our Sims arrive quite late and limited

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Back in September 2014, one of the most anticipated PC titles of the year, the fourth installment of The Sims, arrived. Without a doubt, a game that after so many years being with us has millions of fans all over the world. Now, more than three years later we get his adaptation for desktop consoles, as in his day also happened with previous generations. Some of these versions could not transfer the same sensations from a PC to a command, even having very different editions that had nothing to do with the simulation of life. Now we can say that we are facing a great adaptation, but that in addition to arriving later than expected, it has not done everything as well as we could or expected. In fact we invite you to read a full analysis of the version for compatible.

News and adaptations

The Sims 4 in new consoles as such we will not find any, everything will be an adaptation of the main game although in content they have been very scarce. We will start from the creator of Sims, to later move them to a plot either with housing or building it ourselves and from then on to live together. The whole essence remains intact, and what we have appreciated since minute one is that it is a title designed for keyboard and mouse (hopefully they make it compatible on consoles for these peripherals). Although in general the control has been adapted as well as possible, it is still very rough, especially it will take us out of our boxes at the time of construction. The displacement through the menus when you catch the trick is easier, but that speed of clicking in one place or another quickly you see forgetting, they will have to arm you with patience.

Thought to checkout many times

If you are a frequent player of The Sims you already know how this works. They take you out the main game and later months, for a very long time you are receiving new additional content, whether they are a pack of accessories with a particular theme or expansions that give you new features, locations and functions. Occasionally they publish something free. So far correct and completely lawful. The problem that arises in its version for consoles is that after three years of difference, in addition to the main game, you have another pack (or buy them separately) of DLCs, also removing any option to share the content created by the community, That is precisely not a little.

What a minimum to have given at least one of these for the delay, but what we want to say, that in addition to The Sims 4, if you want to expand its content you will have to pay almost the same again if you decide the most economical option, but it will be even more expensive. Some of the contents that are available are: The Sims 4: Urbanites; The Sims 4: Vampires; The Sims 4: Glamor Vintage Accessory Pack among some more. What we are not sure about confirmation is that if you link your account with EA and have them in the PC version, it is necessary to acquire it again.

Technical section

Here you don’t have to go into much detail either. We will find a good adaptation with respect to its original version, it is true that the power of new machines with an optimization offer this result, but at the same time even improved by not depending on hundreds of possible configurations. The only thing that despite being closed hardware, there will be very specific moments in which we have the occasional slowdown being negative to the adaptation itself. On the other hand, in the sound theme the same thing happens, the usual melodies of the saga, with different different rhythms due to the situation or time of day. Sound effects for each of the activities that we carry out and without forgetting that great own Sim language very present.

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