Best PC games of 2019

Looking for a game for your Windows computer? There are many to pay attention to, and it will always be better to go to our list, where we have selected the best titles available on this platform. We will continue to update the selection constantly, but for now you have the essentials if you consider yourself a real gamer. You will find games of all genres, from the ubiquitous battle royale to more classic shooters, from MOBA games to driving simulators, from collectible card games to adventure and free world games or RPG. A lot of variety for you to find what you are looking for: fun.

This is an open list where the best games will come and go at all times. That your favorite game is not on the list? Give us cane in the comments and if we agree we will add it to the list with pleasure. In the end there are thousands of titles and more appear every week … But our life has a limit of years, sorry in advance if that game you can not get out of your head is not included (yet). Time to play!

Minecraft:A demo world in Minecraft for PC

Minecraft is available on several platforms but it is certainly on Windows where it manages to demonstrate its greatest potential. The first version was for this operating system, and today it remains an essential game. The mission will be familiar to you: to survive in a squared world to all kinds of creatures and create your own buildings through blocks. An indispensable game for anyone who considers himself creative.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It is one of the sagas of most popular shooters in history and could not be missing on our list, especially now when the latest version has been released. The people of Infinity Ward have erased the “4” from the name to offer this complete remake that aspires to match the year, with an essential campaign mode and an ideal multiplayer mode for company fun. A return to the origins that hopes to end the bleeding of franchise players in recent times.

Dota 2 A battle in DOTA 2 for PC

Valve is the company responsible for Dota 2, one of the best real-time action games or MOBA that you can find for PC. He is one of the most played on Steam and protagonist of eSports competitions that move millions and are followed throughout the world. Here two teams must face and defend their structures, using all kinds of heroes.

Project CARS 2

Among the racing games there is a lot of variety: there are those who prefer closed circuits, cars, F1 cars, rally, arcades … This Project Cars 2 is framed within the realistic style of the popular Gran Turismo, with cars recreated to the most minimal detail One of the most complete driving experiences that can be lived on a PC.

Fortnite Jump over Fortnite Island in the PC version

Jump over Fortnite Island in the PC version

In recent times the genre of video games that has been most successful is the battle royale: shooters where we must compete in a small stage and with limited time against dozens of enemies, all against all. Of those who have left (when something succeeds it is copied) Fortnite is possibly the most popular. An island, 100 opponents and hours of fun guaranteed.

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