GRID Analysis Autosport for Nintendo Switch - The best hybrid driving game

GRID Autosport consists of several quite wide modes but it has a must, and that is that the launch game does not have multiplayer mode, so necessary at this time for a racing game, although Codemaster is already in the development process and will be added in a Next future.

Game Modes

Before commenting on the game modes, let’s talk about the playability of GRID Autsport. Codemaster was determined in this game to make an arcade simulator combining the two types of games in one. And he got it. The driving style is relatively arcade but it can be perfectly adjusted to put a high degree of simulation in the handling of vehicles. There are quite a few configuration options in this aspect and for everything to be more realistic we recommend the total simulation driving style, why it is clear, because if the game is put in arcade, the game itself helps when passing the games. curves and does not let us accelerate when we want, it subtracts realism and gives it a rather rare touch, for that reason, we recommend the total simulation style. It is up to us to activate aids such as ABS, stability and traction control, total damage, and so on.

A point that a priori is negative is that of the sensitive triggers, which both the Joy-Con and the Pro Command do not have. Without sensitive triggers we cannot adjust the level of acceleration or braking, always being the maximum and we must adjust to touch with the trigger. Beyond that the game allows us to 100% customize the controls.

GRID Autosport mode

The juices of GRID Autosport mode are quite varied since it has more than 100 different cars divided into 5 categories. In this way, in the career mode we will play mini-seasons choosing to run Touring races that are modified cars to compete and among which we find cars such as the Audi RS5, Mini Works, or Ford Sierra Cosworth among many others. In Endurance races we will choose high-power and grip sports cars such as the McLaren F1, Shelby Cobra or Aston Martin V12 Zagato. The third category called Open Wheels is made up of lightweight Formula 1, 2 and 3 vehicles and the Ariel Atom and Caterham 300 among others. The fourth category, Tuner, is that of custom cars that reach high speeds, here are the Muscle as the Camaro SS or other styles such as the Mazda RX7 or the Honda NSX. Finally, the 5th category is the so-called Street of powerful cars in urban circuits such as the BMW 1 Series, Alfa Romeo 8C or super cars such as the Bugatti Veyron.

Well, once the categories are explained, we must choose in each season one of the offers that each one offers us and we must run that season that are usually short, of one or two championships maximum with the cars of that category that have offered us. As we win we will increase the level of that specific category. As we climb levels with the experience gained, new championships and more powerful cars will be unlocked. We repeat that each category is independent and we will only improve in the category we have chosen for that season.

From time to time we will be offered to run in the GRID Series championship which is a mixture of the five disciplines. There will really be some cars that will do better than others and the difference in driving between them is very noticeable. We must adapt when we change because here they have worked hard.

We also have apart from the trajectory with the mode of extra championships that are divided into acceleration races where we must make the best time on a straight line of a certain length, circuit races with certain passenger cars and pikes, in the purest time trial style in cycling , we must make the best time on a path.

In case this is not enough we can create our own personalized cup choosing vehicle and circuit among the more than 25 that the game puts at our disposal and all this with the available disciplines such as resistance, controls, derby demolition, skidding, acceleration and pikes. We can also run only fast races by simply choosing the category, the type of race and the circuit.

On a graphic level we have many options. Already the game gives us the option to download a free 2GB patch with HD textures of the cars. It also does not give the possibility to make the game look better at the cost of performance or to look worse, although really only changes brightness and some minor details but the game will run at 60fps. An effort has really been made because the game looks good and it shows. It is very up to the latest generation games.

The sound part also stands out with a dubbing to our language that in the race will give us instructions and information and that even, at the beginning of the game, it will give us the option to choose our name from a list and if it is, it will greet us

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