The best car games

The best car games arrive at! Whether you are fans of driving simulators or the craziest racing arcades, here you will find the best for all platforms.

Car games there are thousands but … What are the best driving games? If you are lovers of car video games, speed and you like to spend your free time competing at full speed with the most powerful vehicles, this is your report.

Next we will review what are the best car games whether they are pure simulators or frantic arcades. In addition, we will review both the most classic and the most current driving games and, even, we will tell you what are the best options to enjoy racing games on your Android smartphone.

NOTE: What you will find below is a list of the best car games, not a ranking. As always, we will continue updating the list to make it even more complete. Buckle up and burn rubber because we ripped!

Daytona USA

Veterans of the place will remember Daytona USA with love. This classic SEGA car game came to the recreational in 1994 and then also launched on Satun, Dreamcast and PC. And it is that the arcade machine offered us all the excitement of NASCAR racing.


If simulators are not your thing and you prefer a less demanding and more arcade experience, then DriveClub is your game. With a great technical section and emphasis on social options, the Evolution title is presented as one of the most interesting options for PS4 users.


If there is a Nintendo racing game, with permission from Mario Kart, that drives fans of speed crazy, that’s F-Zero. Fast Racing Neo has been his relay on Wii U (later we will talk about him), but surely many already dream of seeing Captain Falcon and company return on Nintendo Switch. They will do it?

F1 Pole Position

The Capcom classic surprised everyone there by 1982 both the recreational rooms and domestic machines such as Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600 or Commodore 64. And, F1 Pole Position is a very complete Formula 1 game that is still worthy of being among the best driving games of all time.

Fast Racing Neo

Wanting Nintendo to bring F-Zero back? Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones. And although it seems that the saga of Captain Falcon is not among Nintendo’s short-term plans, we have a great substitute to alleviate his absence: Fast Racing Neo, a spiritual successor developed by Shinen Games. On board very fast futuristic racing cars we play fast-paced races, either against the machine or against other players, through the Internet and on a split screen. There is also a “definitive” version for Nintendo Switch nicknamed FAST RMX.

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